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#i loved rick so so much but i truly do not think that he was healthy for kieren #because he loved kieren but he couldn’t leave his father’s shadow  #and kieren loved rick so that was okay for him  #he was okay with just being rick’s secret because he loved rick and rick loved him and that was enough  #and amy sees this and it angers her that this beautiful special person is allowing himself to be enamoured by a boy who won’t stand up for him  #rick was an important and crucial part of kieren’s life  #but he wasn’t healthy  #and then my heart goes and breaks for rick who lost his life the moment he decided to change this (x)


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pixlezq asked:

Hey I just wanted to drop by and compliment you on your art and your ask blog. It's pretty great. Keep up the great work!


Oh gosh, that means the world coming from you, friend. Oh gosh your art is the sweetest thing ever bless you bless you 

I love your little hero au so much oh gosh, so precious.

i especially love itty bitty wade 

thank you so much for the compliment, friend

i will treasure it forever 

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